Genetics & Imports

This page is dedicated to the genetics behind Confibulans.

Combo Traits

A phony's genetic information does look a little complicated, but it can be broken down into two portions:

The Genotype, which is the genetic information itself expressed as genes.

And the Phenotype, which is how that genetic information looks as markings, colors and traits.

This is how a phony's genotype is laid out:

Genotype: Base color geno, markings / traits / mutations

Phenotype: Mutated Base color name with markings and traits

Color 1: Color geno / Color pheno

Color 2: Color geno / Color pheno

Color 3: Color geno / Color pheno

And an example of this:

Genotype: iimmerCC, Bk, CS / Ft / Pb

Phenotype: Piebald Yellow with Blanket, Countershade and Fantail

Color 1: iimmercc / Nacreous

Color 2: IrIgMbMbERCC / Cyan

Color 3: iimmErCC / Orange

And this is what that phony would look like!