Combo Traits

This list is nonexhaustive and will grow as the game does. Stay tuned for an icon!

Combo traits are traits which can be created from combining multiple genes together.

Here's an example of a geno with combo traits.

  • Genotype:IrIgMbMbERCC, Bk, Sr / Fr + Sk, Rw / Pb
  • Phenotype: Piebald Indigo with Blanket, Stripes, Feathers and Ray Wings

Guidelines for combo traits

  • Combo traits are opt-in. If you have the traits required to produce a combo trait, you don't have to use it.
  • You don't need to use any items to turn genes you have into a combo trait.
  • If you combine genes into a combo trait, you can still use the genes that the combo trait is made of. If you had a phony with feathers, you could also give them spikes and fur on their body as well.
  • In order to turn genes into a combo trait, head to the geno edits thread in the bank journal to request the genes be converted into a combo trait. You can also unconvert them too, if you find that you don't want to use it anymore.
  • Combo traits aren't passed down to offspring. If you had a phony with wings and bred it, its offspring wouldn't also have wings, but would have Fr, Sk, dl (provided those genes were passed down) and then whoever owns the offspring's geno could request to convert it into wings if they wanted.

Feathers (Fr + Sk)

Feathers is a trait created by the combination of fur and spikes. (Fur creates the vane, and spikes creates the shaft). Feathers can be anywhere on the body except for the fins (unless those fins are covered by skin with ray wings, just like with fur.)

The feathers can be any type of feather. Big ones, downy ones, long racket ones, go wild.

Feathers can be the same color as the body, or a different one.

Wings (Fr + Sk + dl)

If you have feathers and double limb, you can give your phony wings! They can't fly with them, but they do certainly look cool. This trait is just for feathered wings.

Wings can be anywhere on the body and any size.